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Freight Charges

All items are priced FOB (Free On Board) at the point of origin unless otherwise specified. Wherever appropriate we ship UPS. Overnight and other special shipments must be cleared in advance with our customer service representatives. All other shipments will ship by your preferred motor freight provider or we can provide you a quotation for freight from our motor freight shippers & add the freight charges to your invoice.

If you specify your own freight carrier, all products ordered will be shipped freight collect with the freight carrier you specify. Your freight carrier will bill you for the cost of shipping according to their terms of service.

Should you wish Deluxe Systems to handle the shipping arrangements, we will obtain a freight rate quotation and inform you of the freight costs by e-mail. We will then ask for you to respond with your approval. Once we receive your approval, or other arrangements have been made, we will ship the products ordered and then process the order for payment including shipping costs.

Loading Dock & Receiving Arrangements:
We need to know the following things about your ability to receive a shipment if your order isn't a parcel shipment such as UPS or FedEx Ground (many of our items do not qualify for package shipment):

· Do you have a loading dock?
· If not, do your require a lift gate on the delivery truck?
· Do you require inside delivery by the driver?
· Do you have people to unload?
· Is the destination on the ground floor?

You are responsible for receiving the delivery at your facility. Receiving a truck without a dock can change your freight rate. We are here to assist you, so if you have questions, let us know.

Freight Class:
Freight classes as shown are a motor freight industry standard which classifies freight according to weight and volume of space taken in the truck. Shipping charges are determined by the freight class. Should you wish to get your own freight quotation, you will need to provide your carrier with the freight class to obtain a proper quotation.

FOB Point:
FOB points are listed for each product. FOB points indicate where the product will typically ship from. At times, we may ship from alternate warehouses to get you the best possible freight rate. We ship FOB origin, indicating that once the product is loaded on the truck, the end user now has title to the product, and is responsible for shipping charges and any freight claims should damage occur. Should any freight damages occur, you must note it on the bill of lading and file a claim with the freight company.

Typical Ship Time:
We can provide a Ship Time for each product. This is the amount of time in days it usually takes to ship that particular product. It does not include delivery time. Delivery time is the time in transit from the warehouse to your location, and will vary depending on where the product ships from, and how it is shipped.

We may be able to ship faster than the typical time, and at times it may take a bit longer. Either way, our representatives will inform you of the anticipated ship time at the time of order.

Questions? Email: sales@deluxe-systems.com

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